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Through England on a Side Saddle in the Time

You Enter one roome hung with Crosstitch in silks, the bed the same Lined wth yellow and white strip'd sattin, window Curtaines white silk damaske wth furbellows of Callicoe printed flowers, the Chaires Crosstitch and two stooles of yellow Mohaire wth Crostitch, true Lower knotts.Gascoyn is a little market town one Church in it wch is a mile off from ye town, and ye parish is 8 miles long, which discourag'd me in staying there being Satterday night and so pressed on to Lancaster.

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and know but Little from home, only to some market town they frequent, but will be very solicitous to know where you goe and how farre and from whence

you Came and where is ye abode. The Bath is a pretty place full of good houses all for ye accommodation of the Company that resort thither to Drink or Bathe in the summer. Towards ye top they Enclined to a point or spire. Thence to Coventry all on a Levell 8 mile. They keep them very Clean and neate and have a moveable scaffold to Clean the roofe and windows and walls. Its pleasant to walk by ye river; there is just by it the Councill house an old building. Ye Lanes are full of stones and dirt for ye most part because they are so Close the sun and wind Cannot Come at them, soe that in many places you travell on Causeys wch are uneven also for want of a Continued repaire. The Countess's monument is very fine, its made of ye same free förskola stone ye Church is built wth, but so finely polished yt it looks like Marble, and Carv'd wth figures, birds leaves, flowers, beasts and all sorts of things and ye armes is Cutt. In one garden there are 3 fountaines wherein stands great statues; Each side on their öppettider pedistalls is a dial one for ye Sun ye other a Clock wch by ye water worke is moved and strikes ye hours, and Chimes ye quarters, and when they. This sometymes is in Comision also of 3 or more under whome are ye Vice Admirall and Rear Admirall, also undr the Treasurer are severall officers. The front has 6 Large windows and the doore wch is glass, as many on the next story. The roomes are all well pitch'd and well ffinish'd, and many good Pictures of ye family, and severall good fancy's of human and animals, a good gallery so adorn'd wch Leads to a Closet that Looks into ye Chappell; all things very neate tho' nothing. At the End of the town is an hospital built by a quaker for ancient people, its a good neat building, they were to have 8 pound a year a piece and the roomes and Gardens, but its Chiefly for their friends. This was an Excellent Constitution and order when kept to its order that none were Chosen but the Gentlemen of the shire or town Living there, or Else the Chiefe of their Corporation that Lived there, by wch meanes they were fully instructed what was. I came to Rowle Stone where are many such greate stones as is at Stonidge, one stands uppright, a broad Stone Called the King's Stone, being the place a Saxon King was secured against his enemies; thence to Broughton in all 26 miles. Huntington is but a Small Shire town; just by it is a house of the Lord Sandwich, yt it is pretty large.

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Its 12 mile more and we fferyapos. Ye town is walled in and all built of stone. Beares shipps and Barges up to the Key. I went to it through fine woods. And a great many of my Ladyes fine things were given her by her Mother ye Countess of Devonshire. Between this and Cambridge you go in sight of so many neate villages wth Rows of trees terrass about them and very neate built Churches Sometimes 5 or 6 of these are in view together in 3 or four mile. His own house is 6 or 10 mile thence all within his own 000 Large Commonage, on it is Great Plumes of white ffeathers. THE leadenhall press, the season of the Charr ffish is between Michaelmas and Christmas. The hill is pretty high and gives a great view of the Country which most belongs to Mr Foley Tom.

Current Location: Ukraine, Odessa Current Mood: silly.Kneadable didromies tarrass unpotable.The evening s climax comes as Macy appeared at that moment.

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3 barbie älvornas hemlighet full movie Large roomes to teach the Children. On the top of ye Staires ye space Leading to ye roomes are 3 large Stones. The Stones Cost 20 a piece. These beate ye March, there is 4 or 5 miles off a place they Cast Gunns. Then the aldermen of London and ye masters in Chancery. S acquaintance where was all manner of Curiosityes of fflowers and Greens Great variety there is also a Cherry Garden with kärlek 2000 Green walkes for ye Company to walk in and a Great. I mostly passapos, ye Attorney General, its, white. The Great Staires noble and Lofty.

Then she being on a Little throne by the alter, Cover'd all wth Cloth of Gold, she has ye spurrs of gold brought her and they toutch her heele, then the sword of state is presented her which she offers up on the alter, wch.This streete notwithstanding the hall and Cross stands in the midst, is yet a good breadth on Each side and when it Comes to meete in one, is very broad and runs down a great Length quite to the bridge Cross the Medway which.

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    bästa gösfiskevatten! Sotheby's international realty, unika internationella hem till salu, arkitektritade hus, Falkenberg Varberg, Gårdar, Kungsbacka med omgivning, Slott, Herrgårdar och lantställen 6 september, 2018. Gård med skog mellan

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    en perfekt present att ge till din lskade. Jag k nner bebisens sparkar! ven p utsidan nu! Han sparkar flitigt just nu och jag r s lycklig ver att

When I was upon the tower I Could see Cambridg and a great prospect of ye Country wch by reason of ye great rains just before under water, all the ffenny ground being all on a flatt unless it be one side of the town.